Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2006
XI Medjunarodni LEN Plivacki miting
11th LEN International Swimming Meeting
 "Montenegro Mimoza Kup 2006"
Open Swimming Championships of Montenegro 2006
Mimosa is concluded successfully...
Prof. Ivan Zuber
Director and owner of the Montenegro Mimosa Cup
  The 11th edition of the traditional LEN International swimming meet "Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2006" is concluded successfully by the marvelous pool of the Mediterranean Health Center in Igalo Spa...
  16 domestic and international clubs with more then 130 competitors took part in 2-day events... To the proud of the organizer and the owner of the meeting as well as to all people from the town of Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Prof. Ivan Zuber has celebrated the worth 60th anniversary of his personal engagement in the swimming and water polo sport in Montenegro, ex-Yugoslavia, Italy, Serbia & Montenegro...
  Considering the fact that this traditional meeting is already included in the official calendar of the LEN swim events (European Swimming Association), as well as a part of the fantastic  Mimosa Carnival activities (the member of FECC Federation of Euro Carnival Towns) since 1991, this worthy manifestation really deserve to become one of the main Euro competition on the mid of February each year...
Photo Gallery of the Meeting.
Complete Results (Absolute-unofficial)
.SWC JADRAN & Herceg Fest invite you to 37th edition of Mimosa Fest 2006 !!!
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