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This gallery and the the whole web presentation of "Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2005" are dedicated to our honored swim and sport friends of Herceg Novi and Montenegro at all. Expressing again all our gratitude and respect  for the kindness and marvelous host been got from Prof. Ivan Zuber and the people from Mimosa Organizing Committee, Swim Star 2000 SC hopes that this meeting should become one the best Europe Swimming event just in the near future ... 

Opening ceremony of the Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2005 (Ferbruay 12, 2005)
Prof. Ivan Zuber with the main supporters of the Mimosa 2005 Meeting - at the opening ceremony
Board of the Judgment with its chief:
Mr. Dusan Dimitrijevic
 Mr. Djuro Maric, President of the Water Polo and Swimming Association of Montenegro
 Mr. Jusuf Kalamperovic Minister of the Montenegrin government has been awarded
Prof. Ivan Zuber, Meet Director, SCG swim legend, at the opening ceremony
Mimosa Trophy to the Captain of the best team:
Danijela Djikanovic
The best Men Relays: 1)Vojvodina SC; 2) Beograd SC,  3) Jadran SC
The best Mimosa Cup 2005 swimmer:
Mladen Tepavcevic
The best Swim Coach of the Meeting:
Sead Adrovic, Jadran SC, Herceg Novi
The best women relays: 1) Jadran SC  2)Vojvodina SC  3) Leotar SC (BiH)
Swim team - Winner of Mimosa Cup 2005:
Jadran SC - Herceg Novi
Small but strong swim team:
Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade
Winners of 200 Ind. medley: 1) Brane Maric  2)Milos Pupovic  3)Sebastijan Higl
New power of the the swimming in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Leotar SC, Trebinje

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